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About Marina Prokopiva

Marina Prokopiva Marina Prokopiva is an Award winning designer of  exquisite jewelry, accessories and  clothing  who has lived and worked for some years between Amsterdam, London,Moscow ,Paris and NY.Marina Prokopiva's designs using her unique technologies were recognized by Editor's Choice Award of the International Jewellery London 2012 for the best visual impact. Her innovative creations have appeared at the London Fashion Week,Art Basel Miami,Festivals and Awards Ceremonies, including Eurovision Song Contest, Empire and TV Choice Awards. Her designs are essentially an art of balance. She greatly depend on her conviction from which she visualize her "real woman-to-be". Marina believes that her concept of style with contemporary edge creates a wonderful combination of sensuous  power and playful provocation, providing the exhilaration of fun, adventure and confidence. Her pioneering shows have been taking place in the most unpredictable fashion and art set-ups (from a University Botanical Garden to a Japanese Casino) and have always attracted a lot of enthusiastic attention from the media and the public.

Her designs reflect the universal transformation . Marina invented her own unique method of gemstone setting that she uses designing her Jewelry.This ground breaking setting creates a refined and sophisticated feel and reinforces the natural beauty of gems. The method creates an effect that makes the gems appear suspended or embedded in the crystalline structure of the jewelry. Designer uses both rough and polished natural semiprecious gemstones that bring her creations to life and play by providing an amazing and unique energy,history,texture and color to every piece.



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